John  and Amy Fisher


 And Ellie!

“Doctor Who” art by Pete Caballero

John Kenneth Fisher

A street-smart fish out of water trapped in a world he never made.

John is a System Administrator at a non-profit in Northern New Jersey, a member of the League of Professional System Administrators, (which unfortunately fights less crime then the name would imply,) and has a Bachelors in Network Administration. He married Amy in June of 2015, became a dad in September of 2016, and spends his spare time, among other things, researching their genealogy and plotting to destroy the sun.

Amy Lynn Fisher

A lady and a scholar, Amy puts the Jersey in Jerseylicious.

Amy has a Masters of Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University, a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Rutgers University, and is the Director of a Home care office in Essex County, NJ. She married John in June of 2015 and became a mom in September of 2016. She enjoys baking and hanging out with Ellie. 

Elliana Marie Fisher

She’s here to kick ass and eat peanut butter. And she’s all out of peanut butter.

The newest member of the Fisher Family, future Supreme Court Chief Justice Elliana Fisher has already mastered many of life’s most exciting challenges with a smile and a laugh, and brought both of those to her parents in the process many times over.

Family Genealogy

Update way overdue

This section is due for a substantial update, which I’ll do one day. Maybe. Who the hell knows, but in the meantime, the existing section is available here.